HR INSIGHTS | Education vs. Experience

AS A BUSINESS OWNER OR MANAGER, YOU KNOW THAT HIRING THE WRONG PERSON IS THE MOST COSTLY MISTAKE YOU CAN MAKE. — Brian Tracy Your business depends on having the right people doing the right jobs. As the job market gets more competitive and companies increasingly vie with each other to attract the best talent, they run the risk […]

Team Strife? Four Essential Strategies for Managing Through It

Conflict on teams is inevitable.  The question is not how to prevent it – it’s how to manage through it.  When the team hits an impasse, the best managers employ these four essential strategies for leading their team out of the wilderness and back to a productive relationship: Start neutral. When you intervene in an […]

Temp of the Quarter: Felicia Armstrong

Felicia Armstrong is our ExecuTeam Temp of the Quarter! When we spoke with her, she had many great comments about her experience with ExecuTeam, our client, and the city of Houston. Prior to going on her current assignment, Felicia had worked with ExecuTeam Staffing in the past and had been placed with one of our […]

Don’t Lose Your Top Employees! 5 Retention Strategies to Follow.

With the economy back in full swing and talent in many sectors at a premium, the focus on retention is at an all-time high.  Skip the gimmicks and employ these five strategies to improve retention and reduce your hiring costs: Get feedback. Start by talking to your current staff. What do they like most about […]

Concerned about a Candidate’s Education? Here’s What You Should Do.

When you draft requirements for an open position, you must carefully consider what experience and credentials are essential to the role. But in a time where systems are easily hacked and almost anything can be purchased on the Internet, how can you be certain that your candidate is who he says he is before you […]