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Concerned about a Candidate’s Education? Here’s What You Should Do.

When you draft requirements for an open position, you must carefully consider what experience and credentials are essential to the role. But in a time where systems are easily hacked and almost anything can be purchased on the Internet, how can you be certain that your candidate is who he says he is before you extend an offer?

Consider these resources for checking up on degrees, certifications and other credentials.

Increasingly degrees may be obtained online. Some online institutions are legitimate and accredited; others are simply degree mills that will supply job seekers with seemingly authentic degrees based mostly on life experience. Forged degrees can also be purchased outright.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) offers these tips to avoid being taken by a candidate who presents false credentials.

Research the school. You can’t possibly have heard of every college or university in the world. However, you should be able to learn what degree programs the school offers and if it is accredited. Find out if it is a brick and mortar school that offers online courses or if their programs are conducted entirely online.

Contact the Registrar. Most schools will confirm attendance dates, majors and degrees awarded and can possibly provide a transcript with the student’s permission.

Press the candidate. Ask the candidate to provide proof that they have obtained the degrees they claim. They should be able to get a certified transcript sent to you. It should come directly from the school.

The United States Department of Education provides a database of accredited institutions you can search to confirm your research.

This due diligence should provide you with the data you need, but at what cost? This research takes a lot of time and effort that can be better used on your other responsibilities.

The recruiting experts at ExecuTeam can confirm every candidate you see has the credentials they list. We can check out not only educational experience, but also their work experience and even conduct a complete background check.

If you are considering adding to your team, trust the experts at ExecuTeam. Since 1987, we have provided businesses with professionals who have credentials you can trust and experience you can rely on. Contact us today to get started.


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