Felicia Armstrong is our ExecuTeam Temp of the Quarter! When we spoke with her, she had many great comments about her experience with ExecuTeam, our client, and the city of Houston.

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Prior to going on her current assignment, Felicia had worked with ExecuTeam Staffing in the past and had been placed with one of our clients before. With the current state of the economy, she was laid off from her prior position and began to search for a new job. She searched for months before she turned again to ExecuTeam. She called at our offices, came in for another interview, and within a week she was starting her current position. She happily found the members of our team always had time for her and assisted her tremendously. The recruiter she remembers best is Lina Faye who was a guiding presence in her job search.

Felicia was excited for this particular opportunity which ExecuTeam provided as she is interested in learning more about and gaining experience in the oil and gas industry. She has found a great fit in her current assignment, and she is now working with a company which she has no desire to leave. Felicia feels she has landed a position with a family-oriented company who is dedicated to their employees, and she hopes to continue her career with our client.

Beyond working for ExecuTeam, Felicia has a small catering company on the side. She specializes in southern cuisine. Most of her food is strongly influenced by her roots in Ville Platte, Louisiana. Although she grew up in the country, she adores living in the sprawling city of Houston. Her small town dreams are fulfilled by the big city; however, Houston has a unique way of emanating a “down home” feel.

Felicia is a wonderfully pleasant, reliable and talented employee who we are happy to honor this quarter!

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