Summers in Houston: The Land of Temp Jobs

The end of May brings to our offices recent graduates from high school and college. Additionally, some students and teachers are looking for supplemental work over the summer break. It may seem hopelessly bleak as you look to be employed over the brief summer, and often temporary positions are overlooked by both groups of employees […]

The Danger of Email on Your Smart Phone

We often discuss the danger of being burned out, and we encourage you to protect the time you need to take care of yourself. However, we do realize that it is easier said than done, especially with the ubiquity of smart phones. When you are passionate about your work, ease of access to that work […]

Are You Making the Most of Your Weekends?

Last week, we gave you some tips on putting your tax refund to good use. (You can read that blog here.) One of our suggestions for your tax refund was to use it to treat yourself. You work hard all week long; you should use your weekends to reenergize yourself. Embracing weekends is one of […]

What To Do With That Tax Refund?

Tax season is over, and you potentially have a tax refund. What do you do with that chunk of money with your name on it? Don’t let it dwindle away and disappear. If you make a plan and stick to that plan, you will be able to make the most of that tax refund. If […]

Be Kind to Yourself: Recovering from Burnout

Our blogs from the past two weeks covered the signs of burnout. This week we’ll address how to begin to recover from burnout. According to Psychology Today, “Burnout is a cunning thief that robs the world of its best and its brightest by feeding on their energy, enthusiasm, and passion, transforming these positive qualities into exhaustion, frustration, and […]

Signs of Burnout

In last week’s blog, we discussed burnout as well as some of the symptoms of burnout. Identifying that what you are experiencing is burnout is a critical step in finding your energy and passion again. Many the early signs of burnout are not as obvious as one might think. Listed below are early warning signs […]