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Summers in Houston: The Land of Temp Jobs

The end of May brings to our offices recent graduates from high school and college. Additionally, some students and teachers are looking for supplemental work over the summer break. It may seem hopelessly bleak as you look to be employed over the brief summer, and often temporary positions are overlooked by both groups of employees (recent grads looking for full-time positions and those still in the academic world who are looking summer work). While it may seem that these two groups of employees have nothing in common, both groups can benefit from temporary positions.

During the summer, students and teachers often find themselves in similar positions. Some college students are home for the break from attending college out of town. If you are one of these students, you may feel like no one will want to hire you for the two months you will be home. Also, some teachers may be seeking to supplement their income during their down time over the summer. Registering with temporary staffing companies can be a great way to fill this void for both groups. Temps during the summer can be vital to keeping an office running smoothly while receptionists, secretaries, file clerks and the like take summer trips.

These summer trips can provide opportunities to those recent graduates seeking more than just a summer position. There are numerous reasons why temporary positions can be excellent for those seeking full-time positions but are not currently employed. First, if you are not already working, temporary positions, whether short-term or long-term, will help you build your resume as well as hone your skills and potentially add new skills to your repertoire. Second, the staffing company you are working for can get to know you, your skills, your work ethic, and your professional personality. When our recruiters can speak knowledgably about these aspects of their candidates, they can better match candidates and employers. Third, there is always the chance the company you are temping at likes you so much that they request you specifically the next time they have a need.

Often a stigma is attached to temporary positions, these positions are a great entry way into the job market. There are often a greater number of opportunities for temporary positions during the summer while regular employees take vacations. Remember, while in is not advisable to leave a full-time position for a temporary position, there are many benefits to taking a temporary position when you are unemployed.


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