Why Taking Notes Is Important To Your Career

It happens to the best of us. After you leave school and enter the workforce, it’s easy to forget much of what you learned. Order of operations, iambic pentameter, creative writing, and quadratic equations are bits of knowledge you may think you no longer need. However, there is one school-learned skill that you should hang […]

Make It Count: Your First Contact with a Recruiter

Last week, we recommended some phone etiquette tips to use when on the job market. But there’s more to making a good first impression than just your etiquette. This week we will cover a few more issues that you should consider after you have submitted your resume. While you are waiting for that call back, […]

Phone Etiquette: It’s Not Just for the Employed

First impressions matter. This is especially true when on the job market. What you convey on your resume may be great, and it is the first step to getting a potential employer to call you. However, if you do receive the call, it is critical you immediately follow through on what your resume promises with […]

Keeping It Professional When On the Job Market

When searching for a job, it is easy to feel frustrated with the process. You find yourself falling in love with the ideal position to which you submit a perfectly tailored application, only to find out the company selects another candidate. Dealing with this cycle of setbacks is one of the many challenges of job […]

3 Email Etiquette Tips To Save Your Professional Life

A couple of weeks ago, we covered the importance of establishing boundaries between work and your personal life especially when it comes to your smartphone. However, some of these boundaries apply to more than just your smartphone. In fact, you should practice making these professional emailing habits second nature. It is easy to slip into […]

What Happens When My Recruiter Hasn’t Called?

“I’ve submitted my application. I’m open to temp work, and I believe the interview went very well! So, why hasn’t my recruiter called me with a job placement?” This can be a frustrating situation, and we understand what you’re feeling. Searching for a job, whether temporary or direct hire, can be a lot of work […]