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Signs of Burnout

In last week’s blog, we discussed burnout as well as some of the symptoms of burnout. Identifying that what you are experiencing is burnout is a critical step in finding your energy and passion again. Many the early signs of burnout are not as obvious as one might think. Listed below are early warning signs as provided by Forbes.[1]

Not getting enough sleep: You may think you can survive with only a few precious hours of sleep, but this habit, compounded over time can cause problems in your health, relationships, and career. By not giving yourself the proper time of shut-eye, you are setting yourself up to be susceptible to brain fog, hindering your immune system, and potential becoming reliant on caffeine. Reward yourself for your passion for your job with some well-deserved beauty rest.

Low energy and exhaustion: You don’t have the energy to even do the activities that would recharge you, such as spending time with family and friends or exercising. This sign is more than just needing a nap to get you through your afternoon; it is a constant feeling of exhaustion. You find even with a good night’s sleep you are struggling to function.

Never enough time: You find yourself scheduled and booked to the max. No wiggle room in your schedule means not being able to allow yourself the space needed to be creative or effectively deal with a crisis. You are always on edge because you know one small slip will cause a disaster of your schedule. Feeling like you never have enough time can lead to a snowballing effect of other symptoms.

Excessive worrying, high level of self-criticism: When you don’t have the time or energy to put your best into your work, you supply your brain with plenty of scenarios where your carefully orchestrated schedule can fall apart. You are also extra critical of yourself. You may even find yourself making more mistakes or performing below your own expectations because you aren’t providing yourself with the tools you need to succeed.

Numb Feelings: You may find you are ignoring these symptoms by overindulging in habits which are not good for your health or for productively recharging you. You are ignoring the situation instead of addressing the underlying problem of pushing yourself too hard.

Burnout is bad for both your health and your career. Suffering from burnout can inhibit both your productivity and your awareness, and those around you suffer as well from your inattentiveness. Next week, we will address how you can recover from burnout.



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