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Make It Count: Your First Contact with a Recruiter

First Contact Last week, we recommended some phone etiquette tips to use when on the job market. But there’s more to making a good first impression than just your etiquette. This week we will cover a few more issues that you should consider after you have submitted your resume. While you are waiting for that call back, make good use of your time and practice!

Consider Your Email Address

Hopefully you have addressed this issue prior to sending out your resume. If not, don’t worry. There is still time to rectify this mistake. Your email address should be simple and professional. If it is too lengthy or complicated, you increase the chance of a typo and the email not making it to you. Additionally, if your email is a cute and clever nickname or phrase, you run the risk of being seen as unprofessional. For example, say your email is It’s cute, and we’d certainly be inclined to agree with the sentiment. However, if your future employer tries to contact you and types “Woman” instead of a “W0man”, you may have just missed a major job opportunity. Not to mention, this email address doesn’t quite say “I’m a business professional.”

It is worth opening a new email account with a professional name simply for your job search. The best professional email addresses are the ones which include your first and last name or some simple variation on the two, such as Save the fun and clever usernames for your personal correspondence. Show your professionalism from the start. There will be plenty of time throughout the interview process for your individual personality and interests to shine through.

Have a Goal in Mind

Why did you leave your last position? Why are you looking to leave your current position? What are your career goals? When you get a call from a recruiter who has received your resume, they will likely ask you these types of questions in order to find the right fit. Think about why you are submitting your resume. You need to be able to articulate those thoughts clearly, so your recruiter can best assist you. Also, use that opportunity to demonstrate that you are a competent and thoughtful candidate.

Know the Logistics

Houston can be a complicated city to navigate, and it is very spread-out. When searching for a position in the Bayou City, you should have an idea of the maximum distance you’d be willing to drive to and from work. For example, if you live in Sugar Land, a job in Humble is likely to be geographically undesirable. This is important information to share with your recruiter to help them find you a position with which you will be happy. If pay rate affects the distance you are willing to drive, then have a rough estimate ready of where you would drive for how much money. Again, these details will aid your recruiter in finding you a suitable job match.

The more prepared you are, the better! Keep these tips in mind as you practice your answers in the alert and polite phone voice we discussed last week. Call a friend to have them critique your phone presence and your answers. Remember, it is always best to be over-prepared rather than under-prepared.



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