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Keeping It Professional When On the Job Market

When searching for a job, it is easy to feel frustrated with the process. You find yourself falling in love with the ideal position to which you submit a perfectly tailored application, only to find out the company selects another candidate. Dealing with this cycle of setbacks is one of the many challenges of job hunting. Our recruiters can help you alleviate some of the roadblocks by submitting your resume to directly companies and positions that align with your professional personality, experience, and skills. However, the majority of coping with this job hunt frustration is up to you. This week we discuss a couple of suggestions to ensure your professionalism stays intact throughout your job search process.

Don’t Overshare

While it is important to inform your recruiter of your concerns or reservations, make sure what you are sharing is appropriate and relevant to the job hunt. For example, you may feel the need to let your recruiter know that your car is in the shop, so you will need to plan accordingly to arrange a ride or take the bus in order to get to an interview on time. This information can emphasize your interest in a position because it shows you are planning ahead, as opposed to dodging the interview or purposefully being difficult. However, telling your recruiter you need a job now because your car is in the shop is unhelpful and unnecessary. Unfortunately, this one need does not dictate your recruiter’s ability to find you a match in your job search; only your skills, experience, and professionalism can help in that regard. Ask yourself these questions: Will this information be useful to my recruiter? How does this information pertain to my job search, not just my personal life?

Don’t Gossip

Again, it is important that your recruiter understands what you are looking for in a position and in an employer. If you have an issue that needs to be addressed, either in an interview or on an assignment, your recruiter is more than happy to listen to your concerns, advise you, and potentially mediate the situation. Your recruiter will always work their hardest to ensure that both you and your employer are happy with the situation and will make changes where necessary, if necessary. If you are unhappy or frustrated at your assignment, yes, absolutely let your recruiter know. However, he/she is not your gossip buddy. Remember to keep it professional.

These two simple tips can help you maintain your professional demeanor as you experience the ups and downs of the job market. Our recruiters and staff value you greatly. The way we continue to find jobs in the Houston area is by keeping our clients happy with our service, as well as sending them polished and professional candidates (that’s you!).




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