What Happens When My Recruiter Hasn’t Called?

“I’ve submitted my application. I’m open to temp work, and I believe the interview went very well! So, why hasn’t my recruiter called me with a job placement?” This can be a frustrating situation, and we understand what you’re feeling. Searching for a job, whether temporary or direct hire, can be a lot of work […]

Summers in Houston: The Land of Temp Jobs

The end of May brings to our offices recent graduates from high school and college. Additionally, some students and teachers are looking for supplemental work over the summer break. It may seem hopelessly bleak as you look to be employed over the brief summer, and often temporary positions are overlooked by both groups of employees […]

Our Staff’s Top Picks: Houston Best Place to Lunch!

One of the perks to servicing the greater Houston area is, well, Houston! There is so much that our staffing team loves about this unique area, and we want to share that passion with you! We enjoy visiting our clients all over the Houston area, and we know our temporary employees enjoy it too. Houston […]