Recruiter Spotlight: Tania Morales

Tania Morales, CPC, is one of our most dynamic staffing consultants. We have already told you about one of her mentors in the company, Lina Faye. This month we would like to highlight Tania’s achievements and her crucial contributions to the team. Not only was she a critical part of our team when ExecuTeam Staffing […]

Recruiter Spotlight: Lina Faye Gibbs

Lina Faye’s official title is Senior Staffing Consultant, and her specialty is Executive Searches in accounting/finance, talent acquisition, real estate and training. However, the team knows her as the “purple squirrel” specialist. In the staffing industry, a “purple squirrel” is a particularly difficult, seemingly impossible, to fill order. It is Lina Faye’s particular background which […]

Easing the Pain Staffing Strategies to Leverage When an Employee Quits

“I’d like to hand in my resignation.” No manager wants to hear those words, especially when the person saying them is a key member of the team.  But employee turnover is a fact of life – and when it happens to your company, it’s one you must manage proactively in order to minimize disruptions and […]

6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Faced With a Hiring Decision

Many hiring managers dream of being in this position: You have narrowed down the search to two outstanding candidates. Both of them have the expertise to thrive in the position and would make a strong addition to your company’s culture. Which do you hire? Although finding two strong candidates is a plus, having to choose […]

5 Secrets to an Organized Job Search

Your job search deserves your utmost attention. After all, you are not just looking for a job – you are looking for a place you will enjoy spending eight hours a day tackling projects that inspire and challenge you. To find that dream job, start by getting organized. Here is how: Set up “job search […]