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Recruiter Spotlight: Lina Faye Gibbs

Lina Faye Gibbs Lina Faye’s official title is Senior Staffing Consultant, and her specialty is Executive Searches in accounting/finance, talent acquisition, real estate and training. However, the team knows her as the “purple squirrel” specialist. In the staffing industry, a “purple squirrel” is a particularly difficult, seemingly impossible, to fill order. It is Lina Faye’s particular background which makes her the best recruiter on our team to tackle these types of matches.

Lina Faye has been in the staffing industry for more than twenty years and has worked in a variety of specialties over the years. She joined ExecuTeam in 2007 as Director of Business Development, and since that time, she has also held the position of Direct Hire Manager before moving to her current position. She is a wealth of knowledge as the staffing industry has allowed her the opportunity to serve in many different roles and work in many different places.

The knowledge she has gained in her years of experience play a vital role in ExecuTeam’s success. She strives to work with the clients in the manner that prompts them to call ExecuTeam at the beginning of their hiring process instead of at the end of their own search which did not result in a hire.

The process for filling these “purple squirrel” orders is quite different than the process to fill other orders. There are fewer qualified people available, and these people have usually already developed a niche in their field. This means Lina Faye has to recognize in these candidates their transferable skills and make that information available to her clients.

The specialized candidates who fill these positions are usually passive. These candidates are usually not actively looking for a career change and must be enticed into even considering a new position. Lina Faye must use a targeted approach in these situations to lay the groundwork to get both the candidate and the client to see that the match between the two of them could benefit them both simultaneously.

Her biggest concern is helping both sides see the whole picture beyond their own needs and how they can work together to improve each other. The key to this type of recruitment is flexibility on the part of both the candidate and the client, and Lina Faye works to find a balance between finding the exact candidate described in the order and providing someone who can meet the client’s needs.

Staffing tends to be a small industry, people get to know each other, and reputations go far. When Lina Faye first heard of ExecuTeam, she was impressed by their commitment to their team and clients as well as their integrity and quality of service. She is assisted by leading edge technology in the field of staffing and a management team that embodies a supportive “what do you need from us” attitude.


ExecuTeam Staffing is now The Reserves Network!

ExecuTeam is excited to announce that we have adopted the name and brand of The Reserves Network, effective May 1, 2023.