How We Find the Best Candidates

Last week, our blog featured one of ExecuTeam/Team1Medical Staffing’s star recruiters, Jessica Randolph, and all of the hard work she does for our clients. She is one in a team of many recruiters and staff who search for the best candidates to match with the best companies in Houston. For over 29 years, ExecuTeam/Team1Medical Staffing […]

Which Is Better: Hiring for Potential or Experience?

When a key staff member leaves, your instinct is probably to hire based on experience. You need someone who can do the job now, not in 30 or 60 or 90 days. However, hiring for potential provides opportunities that hiring for experience does not. Here’s a quick guide to hiring for potential versus hiring for […]

How Much Detail Should You Go Into on a Resume?

As we proceed in our careers, we frequently update our resumes without thinking too much about the older content we’re pushing out of the way to make room for the new. However, just as with any first impression, too much detail on a resume can be overwhelming to a hiring manager who is trying to […]

6 Ways to Get More Out of Your Recruiter’s Partnership

Your recruiter can help you connect with Houston-area businesses and find the job you’re seeking. But if your only connection with your recruiter is about finding the job, you’re missing out. Staffing firms entrench themselves in the markets they serve in order to build powerful professional networks and deep knowledge of their industries and locales. […]

Do You Know What Your True Hiring Needs Are?

If a staff member has just quit or a department has expanded, you have an open position that you need to fill. But you cannot choose “just anyone” to fill it. The right person will bring the necessary skills, potential, and cultural “fit” to the organization; the wrong one will cause productivity to lag – […]