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Do You Know What Your True Hiring Needs Are?

If a staff member has just quit or a department has expanded, you have an open position that you need to fill. But you cannot choose “just anyone” to fill it. The right person will bring the necessary skills, potential, and cultural “fit” to the organization; the wrong one will cause productivity to lag – or worse, will leave altogether.

Before you post a job listing, spend some time considering your true hiring needs. And don’t hesitate to call your staffing firm for expert help.

  1. What is the position’s purpose? How does it fit into the organization as a whole? Every staff member, from the mail clerk to the CEO, has duties that are essential to the smooth and productive operation of the entire company. Begin by asking why you need this role filled. What does the person do? What other positions do they support, assist, or make possible? How does their work fit into the company’s daily operations – and where are you feeling the pinch now that the position is open?
  2. Which abilities are essential for the job? Certain positions simply require certain skills. When you are hiring a medical assistant, for instance, the new employee must know how to perform basic care tasks like taking blood pressure or giving injections. Your medical billing staff must have an understanding of common billing software and coding procedures. But while certain skills are “must haves” from day one, others can be taught – if you choose a candidate with the demonstrated ability and drive to learn. What do you need? What are you willing and able to teach?
  3. Is this a long-term need or a short-term need? If the position has opened up because a long-term staff member left, you may already know that you need another permanent replacement. If the position has been created because your practice is expanding or because you have entered new territory as a business, you may wish to place a temporary staff member in the position until you’re sure you’ll need it covered long term. Your staffing partner can help you find the right temp or temp-to-hire candidates.

At ExecuTeam, our experienced recruiters can help you determine exactly who you’ll need to keep your company going strong. Contact us today to learn more.


ExecuTeam Staffing is now The Reserves Network!

ExecuTeam is excited to announce that we have adopted the name and brand of The Reserves Network, effective May 1, 2023.