5 Secrets to an Organized Job Search

Your job search deserves your utmost attention. After all, you are not just looking for a job – you are looking for a place you will enjoy spending eight hours a day tackling projects that inspire and challenge you. To find that dream job, start by getting organized. Here is how: Set up “job search […]

How Much Detail Should You Go Into on a Resume?

As we proceed in our careers, we frequently update our resumes without thinking too much about the older content we’re pushing out of the way to make room for the new. However, just as with any first impression, too much detail on a resume can be overwhelming to a hiring manager who is trying to […]

6 Ways to Get More Out of Your Recruiter’s Partnership

Your recruiter can help you connect with Houston-area businesses and find the job you’re seeking. But if your only connection with your recruiter is about finding the job, you’re missing out. Staffing firms entrench themselves in the markets they serve in order to build powerful professional networks and deep knowledge of their industries and locales. […]

How to Market Yourself Better During Your Job Search

“What’s in it for us?” This question comes first in every employer’s mind as they search through resumes, looking for their next ideal job candidate. “Why should we hire this person? What does this candidate offer? What do we get from this deal?” To market yourself effectively during your job search, you need an approach […]

From “Good” to “Great” – How to Take Your Interview Answers to the Next Level

Just like your resume, your interview answers can be bland basics that are quickly forgotten – or they can offer concrete evidence of your competence and ability to contribute to the employer’s goals. Specific, focused answers answer the hiring manager’s number one question: “What’s in it for me? Why should we hire this person?” They […]

6 Things to Check Before Sending Your Resume Off

Your resume creates a potential employer’s first impression of you, and it determines, in many cases, whether or not you are called for an interview. To ensure your resume gives the best possible view of your work, check these six items before sending your resume to an employer: Dates and Updates. Does your resume include […]