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How to Market Yourself Better During Your Job Search

“What’s in it for us?”

This question comes first in every employer’s mind as they search through resumes, looking for their next ideal job candidate. “Why should we hire this person? What does this candidate offer? What do we get from this deal?”

To market yourself effectively during your job search, you need an approach that answers this question. You need to demonstrate to each employer that your skills and abilities offer great value for the company. Your application should answer “What’s in it for us?” with a resounding “More than you expected!”

Here’s how:

  1. Know the company and the job posting inside and out. When a hiring manager asks, “What’s in it for us?” they don’t mean “What’s in it for our industry in general?” They mean, “Why should our company, specifically, hire you to do this particular job right now?” To answer this question, research the company thoroughly. Study the job application until you know it by heart. These materials will tell you what this company wants you to do in this
  2. Tailor your application materials accordingly. Resist the urge to send the same resume to every potential employer. Instead, use your knowledge of the company and the job posting to handpick the skills and achievements you’ll showcase in your application for each employer. For instance, if Company A wants a self-directed leader for this position, include projects you’ve led or procedures you’ve implemented; if Company B wants a team player, choose projects in which you were an integral part of a bigger whole.
  3. Ask the right questions. During your interview, the questions you ask reveal as much about your “fit” with the company as the answers you provide. Use your research to develop several specific, focused questions about the company and the industry to ask during your interview. You’ll demonstrate you’re passionate about your work, you know what the big challenges are, and you have the awareness and knowledge to tackle them effectively – all skills that show the employer hiring you is their best bet.

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