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HR INSIGHTS: Finding (and Keeping) Hidden Leaders in Your Company


Staffing is a perennial concern for every organization. Recruiters are always on the lookout for new talent to bring on board, and managers are always eager to make the best use of the talent already in the company. Each issue of ExecuTeam HR Insights contains valuable information that can help companies make the staffing decisions that meet their needs.

The feature article for this issue, “Finding (and Keeping) Hidden Leaders in Your Company,” offers suggestions for identifying and nurturing the talent that’s already within an organization. Michelle M. Smith points out that because “effective managers…have a far-reaching influence on the organization as a whole,” the importance of their role should not be underestimated.

Cultivating current employees doesn’t eliminate the need to bring new people into an organization, though, and several of this issue’s contributors touch on that concern. In “How to Hire for Emotional Intelligence,” Ryan Ayers recommends looking beyond the resume and paying close attention to the soft skills that can separate top performers from average employees. Jon-Mark Sabel, in “Stop Screening Out Great Talent,” uses a case study to examine one innovative hiring strategy that lets organizations find better matches for their open positions. And in “5 Interview Questions Every Leader Should Ask,” Amy Zimmerman and Jennifer Richard share some outside-the-box questions that “can help hiring managers and recruiters understand how candidates think about themselves, how they think about others, and how they generally think through problems” in order to find people who are a good fit for the organization and its culture.

Read this month’s issue of HR Insights Magazine here.

No matter how great its products or services are, a company can’t succeed without good staff at its core. At ExecuTeam we are passionate about helping organizations put the right people in the right places. Staffing is what we do, and we are eager to put our expertise to work for you!


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