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Is a Candidate Being Truthful? 5 Tips to Help You Tell

You’ve found a candidate who looks great on paper and sailed through the interview with charm and all the right answers; however, you’re asking yourself whether things are too good to be true.  Are you sure this candidate is telling the truth?  Here are five ways to find out.

  1. Compare the candidate’s resume with the candidate’s LinkedIn profile. A resume is a one-page snapshot of the skills the candidate has, but a LinkedIn profile is often more comprehensive. Compare the job titles, dates, and duties on the resume with the profile to see where the truth may have been fudged – or where it was merely edited for conciseness.
  2. Ask for evidence. Many managers simply scan resumes looking for buzzwords. The problem with buzzwords is they often obscure a lack of substance.  If a resume says, for example, that the candidate “fostered new sales relationships,” ask for details.  How many relationships?  How did they go about fostering them?  What resulted from the relationship?  Who was in charge of maintaining the relationship after it was “fostered”?
  3. Get specific in your questioning. Ask questions that target specific skills or accomplishments that relate to the job. Behavioral interview questions work well here because candidates talk about what they’ve already done, rather than what they imagine doing.  Listen carefully; the more details a candidate can provide, the more likely it is they are being truthful.
  4. Talk to references. In most cases, you won’t want to say “I have a question about Candidate’s work because I think Candidate is lying.” However, you can call the candidate’s references to ask about specific details, such as “Candidate told me during today’s interview that they were in charge of X Project.  Can you tell me how well they did in that role?”  Whether the reference confirms or denies that Candidate was really in charge, you’ll know more about the candidate – and their performance.
  5. When in doubt, talk to your staffing partner. Your recruiter can help you check the details of a candidate’s resume, talk to references, and perform background checks and other screening procedures to determine whether a candidate is telling the truth.

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