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First Time Manager? 4 Tips to Motivate and Lead Your New Team

First-time managers often report that the job isn’t quite what they expected.  They move from being prized as highly productive front-line staff to a job in which they must manage an interconnected and sometimes conflicting web of relationships.  The first days on the job can be stressful – but they are essential to building a strong rapport with the team you lead.

Here are four ways to motivate and lead well from day one:

  1. Take time to understand the company and its business. As the team’s manager, part of your responsibility is to help your staff make the connection between their day-to-day tasks and the company’s short- and long-term goals, mission, and vision. To build this connection for them, you’ll need to master it yourself.  Spend some time examining the “big picture.”  Read the company website and other materials, and talk to veteran managers about how they help their teams stay on track.
  2. Create (and use) a time-management plan Time quickly becomes a manager’s most scarce and precious resource. Stay ahead of the “time crunch” by putting your time management tools in place before your plate overflows.  Find a calendar, note-taking method, and email schedule that works for you.  Talk to other managers and read up on time-management skills to use your work day wisely.
  3. Practice active listening skills. Active listening is key to problem solving, settling conflicts, and gathering the fresh perspectives you will need to keep your team running smoothly and do your best work as a manager. Focus on paying attention to what others are saying, paraphrasing to ensure you heard correctly, and responding to the content of their message.
  4. Learn to delegate effectively. Managers earn their positions by knowing how to do the work of those they lead. But the fact that you can do it does not mean you should.  When you delegate, give clear instructions, then let people do the work and come to you with questions or concerns.  Reserve for yourself only those tasks that are core to your job; let your team tackle everything else.

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