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Do You Have What It Takes? 7 Traits Employers Look for in HR Professionals

Human resources staff are essential to the effective running of any business.  If you’re looking for a job in this growing field, here are seven traits to emphasize to prospective employers:


Staying organized is essential in human resources.  Keeping your files in order not only helps you find information when you need it – it also ensures compliance with state and federal laws.  In an interview, talk about how you’ve improved organization in your office or a time your organization skills “saved the day.”


Employees’ personal issues, questions about policies, recruiting strategies, social media, payroll, engagement, retention…. For an HR professional, eight hours is never enough. Be prepared to discuss your ability to multitask and the ways you have streamlined your own productivity.


Often, HR is called upon to find an acceptable middle ground in a host of disputes.  Since you’re likely to be asked about negotiation skills during your interview, prepare a story about a time you found a compromise that left both sides happy.

Handling Uncertainty

While employment and labor laws abound, these laws tend to leave most issues in a “gray area.”  Navigating this gray area is a top HR task.  Highlight times you had to proceed without the “complete picture,” as well as times you made the call to consult an attorney, colleague, or other expert.


HR professionals talk to employees, job candidates, supervisors, managers, leadership, and customers or clients – sometimes, all in the same day.  Bring examples of written communication you’ve provided, or give examples of how your communication skills educated leadership or settled a brewing conflict between employees.


HR professionals manage a great deal of confidential information, from employees’ personal data to sensitive decisions made by management.  Your ability to be discreet is essential, so demonstrate your commitment by avoiding disclosure in your interview answers.


Human resources staff don’t merely train their own department – they also oversee training for employees and management across the company.  Strong coaching, teaching, and leadership skills are essential in identifying the best training and onboarding options and in executing them.

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