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Can’t Find Top Talent? Here Are a Few Reasons Why

With the economy back in full swing, every hiring manager wants to find the best candidates available – but not every hiring manager is employing the tactics and strategies needed to bring top talent through the door. Here are some of the most common mistakes companies make when trying to find top talent and how to avoid them:

You’re not looking in the right places.

The days when employers could simply post a job ad and wait for resumes to roll in have long passed. Thorough, well-written job postings are essential – but they aren’t enough to locate top talent. They’re especially likely to miss the so-called “passive” candidates who are already performing outstanding work for one of your competitors, but who will happily accept a job offer in a new company if it offers the right fit for their goals.

Expand your search for top talent by attending conferences, checking out online portfolios, and asking your current A-players for referrals and recommendations. And don’t hesitate to talk to your staffing partner, who knows which “passive” candidates would be a good match for your organizational culture.

You’re not communicating a positive employment brand.

How many top candidates have you lost by failing to communicate with them in a timely manner?

If your policy toward applications or interview scheduling is “radio silence until we’re ready,” the answer to this question might shock you. Top candidates notice when they reach out to a prospective employer, only to hear nothing in return. If they don’t get an acknowledgement of their application or a heads-up when the hiring process hits an obstacle, they’re likely to conclude that your company isn’t interested in them or doesn’t care about communicating with clients or customers – and they’re likely to go somewhere else. To keep top talent interested, stay in touch!

You’re not working with a recruiter.

Staffing firms specialize in knowing both the established A-players and the “rising stars” in the industries and locations they serve. They stay in touch with their extensive professional networks, so they can help companies connect with the right candidate at the right time. Your recruiter can help you screen candidates so you find better talent in less time.

At ExecuTeam, our experienced recruiters specialize in matching top talent with companies that have the cultural “fit” to allow these exceptional candidates to thrive. Contact us today to learn more about our staffing services in Houston.


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