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How to Advance Your HR Career

The human resources field is constantly changing, which means that new opportunities to establish yourself as an expert in a particular area and to advance your career are constantly appearing. Here’s how to take advantage of the field’s growth in order to advance your own HR career:

  1. Take on an extra project or two. It’s true – HR work isn’t exactly leisurely. To position yourself for advancement, however, you must establish yourself as someone who steps up when additional work is needed. You’ll stay at the top of your supervisor’s promotion list, and you’ll get the chance to choose which projects you offer to handle – allowing you to choose work that suits your strengths and that you enjoy.
  2. Share your ideas. No one knows your current job better than you do, which means no one knows how to improve efficiency or productivity in it as well as you do, either. If you have ideas about how to make your work more effective, share them with your supervisor. Sharing ideas demonstrates innovation, initiative, and drive. If your idea succeeds, you’ve proven your value and added an outstanding line to your resume.
  3. Become a subject-matter expert. Choose the HR topic you love most and start establishing yourself as the “go-to” expert on the matter. Read everything you can on the subject, start a blog, and join LinkedIn communities to learn and contribute. Make it clear that you’re an HR professional and a subject-matter expert. Not only will you increase your value to your own employer, you’ll also position yourself for a switch to a company that really values your expertise, if you choose.
  4. Build up your professional network. Becoming a subject-matter expert is only one way to make the professional connections that will help you advance in your career. Taking classes, attending conferences, and publishing your work can also help you meet fellow HR experts. When your company has a tough question, you’ll know who to ask for guidance, and when you’re looking for a new position, you’ll know people who can offer great leads. A staffing partner who specializes in placing HR professionals is a great person to add to this team.

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ExecuTeam Staffing is now The Reserves Network!

ExecuTeam is excited to announce that we have adopted the name and brand of The Reserves Network, effective May 1, 2023.