How to Navigate Your Office Holiday Celebrations

There are many different types of office holiday celebrations from fancy dinners to casual gatherings. The one factor that you, the attendee, can control is, well, you. Your demeanor as this type of event can affect your career. A good rule of thumb is everything in moderation. Here are some tips to avoid some possible […]

Workplace Safety: First Aid Preparedness

For most people, workdays are routine. Employees go about their day, performing tasks, attending meetings, occasionally stopping briefly to chat with a co-worker, but no one goes into work for the day thinking expecting something bad to happen. Accidents happen when you least expect them, and without proper treatment, they can easily turn into emergencies. […]

4 Strategies to Help You Achieve Better Staffing Results Long Term

In today’s economy, Houston companies are finding themselves competing for the best candidates in nearly every field. Not sure how you can pull in better candidates no and in the future without breaking your budget? Consider these four tips. Create (and follow!) a hiring plan. Having a strategic staffing plan can help your company align […]

8 Ways to Be a Better Manager

Study after study reveals that “a bad relationship with the boss” is the number-one reason employees jump ship. Improve retention by becoming a better manager. Here’s how: Communicate in all directions. But don’t think only in terms of hierarchy. You do have to communicate with leadership, fellow managers, and your staff. In all of these […]

An Inspiring New Website for ExecuTeam Staffing

ExecuTeam Staffing, based in Houston, TX, has just launched an informative and contemporary new website at The site features a ‘long-scrolling’ page, providing information in distinct sections for job seekers and employers. The ExecuTeam brand ambassador, a young professional,  greets visitors to the site. Background images of Houston provide a local feel, while the site […]