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Workplace Safety: First Aid Preparedness

For most people, workdays are routine. Employees go about their day, performing tasks, attending meetings, occasionally stopping briefly to chat with a co-worker, but no one goes into work for the day thinking expecting something bad to happen. Accidents happen when you least expect them, and without proper treatment, they can easily turn into emergencies. When you’re faced with an emergency, time is your most valuable asset. Here are a few ways to ensure you are well prepared for any emergency that may arise.

Keep in mind that these are only guidelines. Consult OSHA’s regulations to be sure you are in complete compliance.

Emergency Response Team. If your company doesn’t already have one, establish a company-wide committee of knowledgeable individuals who are trained and certified in safety protocols. The committee should meet regularly, keep their certifications and trainings up to date and run preparedness drills to remain sharp in the face of an emergency. Also, regular safety training should be available to your employees so they know what to do in case of an emergency.

CPR Certification/Choking Protocols. Make sure you have several people on staff who are trained in choking protocols and first aid/CPR/AED certified. It only takes a few hours to complete the CPR certification, and the benefits of having it make up for the cost. One way to ensure your employees obtain the certification is to pay for the class, and offer them paid time off to attend.

First Aid Kits. Every office needs at least one first aid kit stocked and updated to ensure products are not expired. The American Red Cross offers kits of varying sizes depending on how many employees you have or how large your facility is. If you assemble your own First Aid kit, be sure to include:

  • Gauze pads (at least 4 x 4 inches)
  • Two large gauze pads (at least 8 x 10 inches)
  • Box adhesive bandages (band-aids)
  • One package gauze roller bandage at least 2 inches wide
  • Two triangular bandages
  • Wound cleaning agent such as sealed moistened towelettes
  • Scissors
  • At least one blanket
  • Tweezers
  • Adhesive tape
  • Latex gloves
  • Resuscitation equipment such as resuscitation bag, airway or pocket mask
  • Two elastic wraps
  • Splint
  • Directions for requisitioning emergency assistance

To avoid the risk and expense of lost-time accidents and other workplace incidents, hire candidates with safety training and consciousness. This is something your staffing and recruitment firm can help with. Make your recruiting partner aware of your concerns and risks so he can focus his screening on candidates who meet your safety standards.

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