Team Strife? Four Essential Strategies for Managing Through It

Conflict on teams is inevitable.  The question is not how to prevent it – it’s how to manage through it.  When the team hits an impasse, the best managers employ these four essential strategies for leading their team out of the wilderness and back to a productive relationship: Start neutral. When you intervene in an […]

Is a Candidate Being Truthful? 5 Tips to Help You Tell

You’ve found a candidate who looks great on paper and sailed through the interview with charm and all the right answers; however, you’re asking yourself whether things are too good to be true.  Are you sure this candidate is telling the truth?  Here are five ways to find out. Compare the candidate’s resume with the […]

Your Top Candidate Declined Your Job Offer…Now What?

It’s been weeks, or maybe months. You’ve waded through endless resumes, narrowed down the field to a handful of candidates, and extended an offer to your top choice…only to hear “Thanks, but no thanks.” What do you do now? Here’s how to bounce back after your top candidate turns down your offer: Find out why. […]

4 Strategies to Help You Achieve Better Staffing Results Long Term

In today’s economy, Houston companies are finding themselves competing for the best candidates in nearly every field. Not sure how you can pull in better candidates no and in the future without breaking your budget? Consider these four tips. Create (and follow!) a hiring plan. Having a strategic staffing plan can help your company align […]

Which Is Better: Hiring for Potential or Experience?

When a key staff member leaves, your instinct is probably to hire based on experience. You need someone who can do the job now, not in 30 or 60 or 90 days. However, hiring for potential provides opportunities that hiring for experience does not. Here’s a quick guide to hiring for potential versus hiring for […]