6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Faced With a Hiring Decision

Many hiring managers dream of being in this position: You have narrowed down the search to two outstanding candidates. Both of them have the expertise to thrive in the position and would make a strong addition to your company’s culture. Which do you hire? Although finding two strong candidates is a plus, having to choose […]

Strategic Staffing: 2016 Staffing Tips

As one of the leading recruiting firms in the Gulf Coast Area, ExecuTeam knows that too many times, employers lose a key person and then rush to fill the position. But effective staffing stems from being proactive, rather than reactive. In order to get ahead of the game, you need to create a strategic staffing […]

Do You Know What Your True Hiring Needs Are?

If a staff member has just quit or a department has expanded, you have an open position that you need to fill. But you cannot choose “just anyone” to fill it. The right person will bring the necessary skills, potential, and cultural “fit” to the organization; the wrong one will cause productivity to lag – […]