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How to Hire Veterans and Why You Need Them on Your Team


There have been many new heroes introduced to us over the past few months, but some of the long-standing ones are our veterans.

Is your company struggling to overcome talent shortages and hire qualified employees? Are you suffering from a lack of leadership potential among entry-level and mid-level team members? Consider the benefits of pursuing U.S. military veterans for your open roles.

Veterans Are Adaptable and Trainable  

Adaptability and trainability are important factors for any new hire, and they are often difficult to identify in the hiring process. Companies looking for dependable employees should take a close look at veterans. 

From the first minute of basic training through the last day of service, members of the military are expected to learn, grow, and develop. They are continually put through more training in their units or in formal schools to progress through the ranks. All branches of the military have a learning culture, which means veterans have a growth mindset. Service members are also used to frequently taking on new responsibilities.  

Veterans Are Trained Leaders  

The military begins promoting people into leadership quite early. By their early 20’s many service members are leaders, training and supervising teams, looking out for the well-being of subordinates, and managing millions of dollars in military equipment.  They are taught to make decisions quickly, how to plan and organize, how to execute those plans, and to provide clear instructions and guidance to their subordinates. Most service members have several years of leadership experience by their late 20’s, while their civilian counterparts may have none.   

Veterans Understand Constructive Criticism 

The military uses a process of feedback called after-action reviews (AAR) to debrief teams after a mission. AARs are used to assess what happened on a mission and to determine what can be done to improve future outcomes. They are designed for maximum effectiveness, which means they are brutally honest. This process helps service members learn how to take constructive criticism and act on it without getting offended. 

Veterans Are Team Players  

Service members learn early that they must set aside their personal interests for the greater good of the team. This means that they understand how to make decisions that positively impact the group and not just themselves. They come to the table understanding the value of teamwork and pulling together to achieve a goal.  

How Can You Hire Veterans?  

Employers can access highly skilled and talented veterans by partnering with ExecuTeam Staffing, an affiliate of veteran-owned staffing and recruiting firm, The Reserves Network. We actively recruit veterans for civilian jobs and have a proven track record of success. Contact us if your business is ready to hire skilled servicemen and women with diverse skill sets and strong work ethics.


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