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Office Fashion in the Warmer Months

As we begin to move into the warmer months, for women in particular, dressing fashionably yet appropriately for the office can be a balancing act. While you want to keep your wardrobe as up to date as possible and showcase your personality, you also don’t want to confuse your office with the runway or date night. How do you stay fresh and stylish while also staying professional? See our tips below!

Depending on your office and who is in control of the thermostat, temperatures can range from freezing to boiling. You need to be prepared for either possibility throughout the work day. Layers and light layers are a great way to deal with the cool, professional office setting and the hotter, humid outdoors. Cardigans, tailored jackets, and wraps can help you stay comfortable in the office while being both stylish and professional.

One possible solution to the air conditioner freezing you out is keeping a nice but heavier sweater or jacket on the back of your chair. Also, cute fingerless gloves or a desk throw can provide a simple solution to staying the perfect temperature at your desk, but only if your desk is out of sight. However, it is important to keep in mind that attending meetings or even walking around the office in these seemingly ridiculously heavy layers can be seen as unprofessional. Don’t wear the light dress only to be bundled up all day in a coat.

Another spring and summer fashion obstacle is the casual dress day. Employees, make sure you know and understand the casual dress rules and expectations. Managers, be careful of the types of team building casual dress days you promote. Some types of casual dress days can isolate members of your team. Keep requirements for casual dress days unambiguous in wording and readily available. Send those requirements out in the email announcing casual dress days. Don’t keep your employees guessing what counts for appropriate casual wear in your office.

The key to fashion is the office is like many aspects of office life: clear communication and common sense.


ExecuTeam Staffing is now The Reserves Network!

ExecuTeam is excited to announce that we have adopted the name and brand of The Reserves Network, effective May 1, 2023.