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Inclusive Office Celebrations: Our Team Offers Their Favorite Non-traditional Treats

At ExecuTeam Staffing, our team members are really good at their jobs, and they really enjoy being a team! Staffing is our business so having excellent team dynamics internally is incredibly important to us. One way our management fosters that team spirit is to make sure the whole team feels invited and included in our office celebrations of our successes and achievements.

As a result, our team enjoys our office celebrations and the food that comes with it! In order to include the whole team (and to fend off the boredom of the same old treats), our team often looks to the non-traditional treats rather than having cake for every celebration. Our team would like to share with you our favorite Non-Traditional Celebratory Office Treats and where to get them in Houston.


Treat: Veruca Salt Cupcake named for character in film, Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

Best place to get it from: Fluff Bake Bar (Midtown), 314 Gray St Houston, TX 77002

Team comment: Best cupcake in Houston – melts in your mouth tough to beat!


Treat: Salted Caramel Cake Pop

Best place to get it from: Starbucks

Price range: 1 for $1.50 or 2 for $2.50


Treat: Kohala Coconut Cream Pie

Best place to get it from:  Proud Pie – Katy, TX

Price:  about $6/piece

Team comment:  Well worth the price & the calories! Not only are all their pies amazing but I love supporting other locally owned organizations!


Treat: Tiramisu

Best place to get it from: Maggiano’s Little Italy

Price: $7.95

Team comment: If I am going to have a treat, I am going all in – no calorie counting for a cheat day!


Treat:  Key Lime Pie

Best place to get it from:  House of Pies

Price: $15.00

Team comment: Just the right blend of sweet and tart flavor with a dollop of whip cream!


Treat: Snoballs

Best place to get it from: MAM’s Snoballs (They deliver!)

Price range: $4 – $6 each

Team comment: We’ve had MAM’s Snoballs delivered to our office on several occasions.  They arrived fresh and always tasty!


Treat: Gourmet Cupcakes

Best place to get it from: HEB

Price: $1.99 – $3.49 each

Team comment:  Great for offering a variety.  Come in such flavors as: Banana Split, Ice Cream Sundae and Red Velvet.


We enjoyed talking about our favorite treats in the office this week, and it even made us realize how unique we are as a team. We hope that our favorite treats have sparked some ideas among your team. Particularly with the holidays coming up, it is important for managers and team members alike to begin to think about making those office celebrations a little more inclusive for everyone. Next week’s blog will offer more ideas on building that great team dynamic.


ExecuTeam Staffing is now The Reserves Network!

ExecuTeam is excited to announce that we have adopted the name and brand of The Reserves Network, effective May 1, 2023.