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Louisiana Flood Victims Have Our Hearts: Donations from Houston’s ExecuTeam Staffing

In August 2016, South Louisiana experienced historic flooding. Although thousands were saved from the rising waters, thirteen people died trapped in the floods. Over 100,000 homes were impacted.[1] With Houston being so close to the affected areas and our staff having so many ties to Louisiana, ExecuTeam/Team1Medical Staffing collected donations from our team to se The Team gathers to show their support for Louisiana. nd to Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and the surrounding areas. We have collected a total of $440 to send to five families who lost their homes in the flooding.

As we began to reach out to these families, we received many heartfelt responses. One such response came from a firefighter from Lafayette, Ginnie Joubert, who is in the long process repairing the water damage done to her home:

“What an amazing thing to do on your part! Just… Wow. I’m speechless. Thank you… So much. And that is an understatement…. I love y’all. I really cannot thank y’all enough for this. Tell everyone there we are so deeply grateful for all of y’all’s kind hearts!”

Due to the media silence regarding the devastation that has occurred in 20 parishes in South Louisiana, many of these families are feeling forgotten. Any small donation would brighten their future.

If you would like to donate to assist the victims in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and the surrounding areas, you can do so through an organization like the United Way of Acadiana. According to their website, one hundred percent of donations to the United Way of Acadiana are going directly to the flood victims.

Listed below are the ways the United Way of Acadiana suggests to give to the Greater Acadiana United Way Disaster Fund which can be found at help-your-neighbors-photo 16

We strive to brighten the futures of all those around us and always help our neighbors.



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