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Accounting or Finance Job Interview? 8 Tips for Success

Have an accounting or finance job interview coming up? Looking for ways to make a great impression? Chances are the hiring manager is speaking to several candidates who have the same skills and experience as you do. How can you set yourself apart?

Here are eight tips to increase your chance of success:

Put on your game face. Interviewers often ask questions that require you to think quickly, which can be challenging in a stressful situation. Be sure you are well rested and prepared on the day of your interview. Research the types of question you can expect to be asked and rehearse your answers.

Know the organization. Every business has unique challenges and structure. Learn as much as you can about the company where you are interviewing before you walk in the door. Study their website, press and earnings reports. Set up Google alerts so you always know the latest.

Understand the position. Accounting and finance roles tend to be highly nuanced. Be sure you are aware of the unique requirements of the position and respond appropriately.

Show how you think. If you are given a question that requires calculations, think aloud. Hiring managers often want to understand your thought process as much as they want you to provide the correct answer.

Speak in metrics. In accounting and finance, even more so than other fields, it’s important to quantify your job experience. You won’t make it to the next round of interviews with vague responses.

Demonstrate your problem-solving ability. When sharing examples of your experience, choose those that show your ability to identify, analyze and solve complex problems.

Prove your leadership skills. Even if you have not been in a management role, discuss times you have successfully led a project or inspired others to succeed.

Communicate professionally. Strong written and verbal skills are the most in-demand soft skills. Practice your interview answers to ensure smooth delivery. Discuss times when you have communicated effectively with groups or individuals in prior positions.

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