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Is Management Right for You? 7 Signs You Have the Traits of a Potential Leader

In the past, management was the only step up the career ladder in many companies. Today’s work world is more flexible – management is one of your options, but so is a lateral move into a new department or a focus on specialist work that doesn’t require you to manage others.

But if the challenge of leading a team excites you, a career in management might be a great choice. How will you know if you’re the right fit? Here are seven signs you have what it takes to lead:

  1. You’re good at seeing solutions that other people don’t see. Are you the member of the team who figured out how to get your work done faster, reduce error rates, or make customers happier with the press of a button? Congratulations – that kind of creativity is a key trait of the best managers
  2. You can work within a structure. A manager’s job is to help the team understand the structure, guidelines, and limitations that set boundaries on their work. If you’re good at using the rules to get the job done without letting those rules slow you down, you might do well in management.
  3. You love knowledge. A broad knowledge base is essential for managers, who are frequently called upon to make quick decisions with incomplete data. If you love learning all you can about your job and your industry, chances are you’ll make a good manager.
  4. You’ve been told you’re good at teaching others. Does your current manager ask you to teach new employees the ropes? Do your co-workers ask you to explain new tasks to them? These “votes of confidence” indicate you’re trusted to teach – as managers frequently are.
  5. You can see the “big picture” your work fits into. Managers are responsible for maintaining the “big vision” that the work of every member of the team helps to build. If you’re already seeing the ways in which your day-to-day work contributes to the company’s overall goals, you’re already “thinking like a manager.”
  6. You have a knack for conflict resolution. If your co-workers ask you to step in to settle disputes or resolve conflicts, take this seriously: they’re telling you they trust your communication and conflict resolution skills. Managers need these skills to lead, so keep building them.
  7. You admit where you messed up. The best managers are those who are willing to be seen as human beings, not infallible leaders. They explain their thought processes to the team, and they’re willing to admit when their mistake causes a problem. If “I’m sorry, that was my fault; here’s what I’ll do to avoid it in the future” is already in your vocabulary, you may be on track to be a great manager.

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