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“Do You Have Any Questions for Me?” How to Handle This Section of a Job Interview

Twenty-five minutes in, you can see the end in sight. You’ve had a great answer ready for every question the interviewer has thrown at you, and everything they’ve told you about the job has only made you more excited to start. You watch the interviewer lean back, take a deep breath, and ask one more question….

“Do you have any questions for me?”

There are many good ways to answer this question – but saying “no” is never one of them. Here’s how to prepare thoughtful questions to ask at this stage to impress the interviewer and find out what you really want to know about the job.

Start with your research.

When you apply and prepare for an interview, you take the time to find out something about the company; what it does, and what its goals are. Return to this research with a fresh eye. This time you’re looking for things about the company that aren’t addressed in its public materials. Questions like “What were your biggest challenges in launching the latest project?” can gain you insight into what the company needs most – and suggest ways you can offer to fill that gap.

Generate at least five questions based on your research to bring with you to the interview. You won’t ask all of them, but you’ll find it easier to choose which is most relevant at that moment.

Think about who you’re talking with.

It’s wise to tailor your questions to the person you’ll speak to during the interview. For instance, if you’re talking to the hiring manager, ask about the job’s challenges, its day-to-day responsibilities, and the qualities that help people succeed at it. If you’re interviewing with the human resources manager, ask about the company and the department. Or if you’re speaking to upper-level managers, ask questions that demonstrate your knowledge and interest regarding the industry as a whole.

When in doubt, interview the interviewer.

One question that can often be beneficial is, “What do you like best about working here?” This question gives you an “inside look” at the interviewer’s own relationship to the company. An interviewer who loves what they do will be enthusiastic in their response; one who is simply “marking time” will struggle to find a good answer – which will indicate to you that you should look more closely at the level of passion the staff here have for their work.

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