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How to Prepare for an Interview on Short Notice

“Can you come in tomorrow?” The question every job seeker wants to hear.

You may have said, “Of course!” but your heart is already pounding. How are you going to be ready for this interview when you don’t even have 24 hours to prepare?

Take a deep breath and read the following tips on how you can give a great interview on short notice.

Utilize the Internet.

Search engines like Google are lifesavers when it comes to a short-notice interview. Start by doing a standard Web search for the company. Read its website, its blog, and any other articles that appear in the first page or two of search results. Then, search for the company on a newsfeed like Google News to learn about its recent activities. Finally, check LinkedIn and other social media sites to examine how the company brands itself. Take note of anything you find useful or interesting. You can use your research as a reference point in the interview – it’ll show the interviewer you did your homework.

Review your resume.

The resume you sent the company should list your best achievements, in the context of the words and phrases the company used in its job description. Review what you said to convince the company to interview you. Circle or underline any words, phrases, or items that stand out to you based on what you’ve read about the company online. For instance, do they value consistent growth? That 3 percent increase in sales you landed in the last quarter needs to be front and center during your interview. Do they portray themselves as a collaborative workplace? Make sure you talk about the team effort you put in with your co-workers to finish that big project.

Build stories around your accomplishments.

Now that you’ve highlighted some big accomplishments on your resume in the context of what the company wants, spend some time practicing “short stories” that highlight these. Use the CAR approach to storytelling:

  • Describe the Challenge you faced
  • Name the Action you took
  • Describe the

This is a great approach to questions ranging from “Tell us about a time you took charge?” to “Describe a time when you overcame a challenge?”

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