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The Employer’s Guide to Understanding Types of Staffing

For most businesses, payroll occupies a significant portion of the budget, and if you’re like most businesses, you’ve probably spent some time trying to control your staffing costs while retaining essential talent needed to obtain business goals.

One point to consider is that not all of your employees need to be full time. Don’t have time to interview candidates? That’s where staffing firms come in. By partnering with a reputable Houston staffing firm, you can relieve yourself from the tedious process of screening candidates, and receive a pool of candidates tailored specific to your business’s needs.

Direct Hire

“Direct hire” staffing is the type most hiring managers know best. A position is posted on internal sites and job boards, a flood of resumes are submitted by hopeful candidates and after interviews, reference checks and background checks, an offer is extended to the most promising candidate. The goal is to find someone who is committed to staying with the company long term.

Your staffing firm can help you find better direct hire candidates by recommending those they believe to offer the best “fit” with your company’s mission, goals and culture, in addition to offering a strong skill set.

Temporary Staff

Temporary staff, also known as “temp” or “contract” workers, are generally brought in to handle a particular or specialized project, or during a seasonal work rush. This type of staff often possess a specialized set of skills that are required for the project or task to which they are assigned.

Choosing temporary staff can help you control costs when you need extra help for only a short window of time – and since your staffing partner is the employer of record, you get the skill sets you need without spending valuable time on items like certification or health insurance. Your account manager can help you choose temp staff that offers a good fit, so you don’t sacrifice quality for expedience.


Temp-to-hire staff start out as temporary or contract workers with the potential of transitioning to permanent members of your team. In a temp-to-hire situation, you’re not only getting the immediate help you need – you’re also trying out the situation with the employee to determine whether or not a long-term employment relationship will be beneficial for both parties.

At ExecuTeam, our staffing partners specialize in helping you control staffing costs by choosing the mix of staffing options that is right for you – and helping you find the right people for your needs in less time. Contact us today to learn more about our staffing services in the Gulf Coast region.


ExecuTeam Staffing is now The Reserves Network!

ExecuTeam is excited to announce that we have adopted the name and brand of The Reserves Network, effective May 1, 2023.