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The Insider’s Guide to Finding a Great Staffing Partner

Is slow hiring costing you the best candidates? Are you throwing more time, effort, and resources into finding “better people” – only to consistently hire those who don’t offer the right cultural fit or who jump ship after only a few months? Do you want to make a big leap forward with your business, but lack the talent to do it well?

If these problems sound familiar, a staffing partner can help. Here’s how to find the best staffing partner for your needs:

Choose one with a personalized approach.

A large national staffing firm has access to more candidates, but its attention is pulled all over the country – leaving little time for your company and its particular needs. Choose a staffing partner that dedicates time to get to know your company as the individual entity it is. Also, choose one that devotes the same time and effort to getting to know candidates and to building relationships. Deeper knowledge means better matches.

Ask about their industry knowledge.

A great staffing firm knows the locations and industries it serves inside and out. Your staffing firm should have experience in your industry and help place the same professionals you need to hire. This specialized knowledge allows your staffing partner to identify both the established A-players and rising stars in your industry and to know exactly what specialized skills a candidate needs in any position.

In addition to asking about your industry in general, ask about the staffing firm’s knowledge of the industry in your community or region. What happens locally makes a big impact on any business – your staffing partner should know it well and anticipate changes when making recommendations to your business.

Learn about their reputation.

Once you’ve found a staffing firm that looks promising, ask members of your own professional network about their experience with the firm. Look for client testimonials, published works by partners at the firm, online and print reviews, and advice from professionals you know and trust. How satisfied are the firm’s clients with the people it recommends? What services does the staffing firm offer in addition to recommending candidates? How well do the staffing partners seem to know their clients, the industry, and the community?

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