What People Say About ExecuTeam…

After being unemployed for a while, this agency restored my ambition and value to return to the workplace confident.

Zenobia A.

The process was simple and easy. I was offered a position within weeks of submitting my application. They worked with my requirements for a job that would work well for my needs.

Cristina V.

I wanted to express how wonderful of an experience this has been for me working with ExecuTeam. Being HR and a Recruiter myself, I was hesitant to work with a staffing agency but it’s been a great journey thus far.

Simone M.

Shannon has been very professional, attentive, and quick to respond.

Betty M.

I feel as though they make you feel like the most important person.

Marcia A.

ExecuTeam has always been my go-to for employment. I truly believe they do everything possible to ensure their employees find the desired careers, great pay, and great healthcare options.

Anthony M.

I have worked multiple job assignments through ExecuTeam. Adding more resourceful, new, and professional skills, I have also grown into a more professional and responsible working woman. A huge THANK YOU to Ms. Lindsey McCrory for making this happen for me. She is a wonderful staffing agent, and I am so appreciative of all of the efforts she’s put forth in my professional working career as well.

Michaela F.

ExecuTeam to me has been an excellent agency making sure our wages are paid on time and is an agency that is goal-oriented and cares for their staffs and employees.

Samuel U.

My experience working with Shannon Coleman has been extremely professional. She promptly addressed and provided resolutions for every query. I appreciate all the hard work.

Sai S.

They treated me well at my time with the agency. Any and all issues I’ve had big or small have been resolved in little to no time.

Kenneth M.

I love working with ExecuTeam.

LaLonie P.

I am so happy to be with ExecuTeam because of Ms. Shannon Coleman. She is always so helpful and encouraging and keeps me employed. I simply love her! I have my dream apartment because of her. I don’t know what I would do without her, honestly!

Taiwan H.

Ms. Shannon Coleman always provides an excellent level of professionalism, integrity and service.

Rina F.

My overall experience has been outstanding. If we had an issue, it was corrected.

Suzie S.

I never had a problem resolving any kind of issues that I ever had. When I had questions, they were answered in a timely manner.

Christine B.

ExecuTeam has been so helpful in placing me in great assignments. Additionally, they have provided quality and timely customer service. I have enjoyed my time at each of my assignments and I’m thankful for the opportunity to have worked for such a highly professional, friendly, caring, and committed to their clients success company. I would gladly work with them again and will refer all friends and family to them without hesitation. Thank you so much!

Phillippia R.

Veronica has been on point with every issue I’ve had and has helped me get a job with a very great team!

Giovanni L.

Everyone with ExecuTeam has always made sure I was working and happy in the position.

Nettie D.

It was an excellent experience, especially when I was new to the Houston area.

Haydee V.

Never did they fail to understand any situation. Very great at understanding and taking care of their employees.

Elizabeth M.

This is my first time working with a temp agency and I am very pleased with the ExecuTeam and Veronica.

Kretia G.

Excellent customer service. Very helpful.

Cristian M.

I had a very good experience being a part of ExecuTeam.

Wualkira O.

Your staff does an outstanding job at pre-screening candidates. I know that the applicants being presented are qualified for the position.

Jessica C., lifting & rigging supplies company

The temps were professional and the right representation for our business. I would use this service in the future. We liked our temp so much that we hired her.

Gwen R., home furnishings industry

Great staffing agents to work with and so far all the candidates have been good.

Maggie A., oil and gas industry

ExecuTeam always provides excellent customer service. They are able to pair appropriate temps to meet all of my requirements.

Isola P., oil and gas company

Lindsey has always come through for me. Many times at short notice. She also tries to help who I send her way. She is simply awesome and always has a positive attitude!! I love the follow-up.

Brandi W., real estate and investment firm

I trust the staff’s knowledge in their field.

Monica W., home furnishings industry

Your staff is very professional and provides quality staffing services. Also, you follow up to make sure they arrived and that we are satisfied with the employee provided.

Sherry F., real estate and investment firm

Our account representative always provided our organization with qualified candidates to fill temporary employment.

Elizabeth F., a public services organization

We have received some really qualified applicants and top-notch customer service from ExecuTeam. Thank you to the ExecuTeam Staff for helping us fill our staffing needs!!

Jacqueline M., a public university

ExecuTeam always provides great candidates and is wonderful to work with!

Phoebe G., a real estate company

Lindsey with ExecuTeam is one of the most responsive and professional people I have ever worked with. She is very fast to reply to our request for temp help. It makes our life so much easier when we are in a bind at the last minute for coverage. We have had great success with this company from the very beginning. I recommend them with 10+ stars.

Tiffany Z., a real estate firm

Love this company. They are friendly and timely with any temps that we need.

Caramel N., real estate and investment firm

The staff at ExecuTeam is knowledgeable, professional, kind, and caring. In all of my dealings with them, they never let me down.

Holly D., financial institution

Everything Shannon and Lindsey have done has been excellent.

Scott H., repair and maintenance industry

Customer service is key in most of my interactions with vendors. ExecuTeam, and Lindsey McCrory specifically, exceed my expectations by being extremely responsive and filling the gap in our recruiting needs. Her communication is great and she is the reason I have continuously chosen to work with ExecuTeam over other recruiters.

Andrea C., environmental and facility management services

The efficiency of the staffing agency to provide us with a good fit has been beyond our expectations.

Ashley R., residential building construction industry

Thank you guys for sending someone great.

Jimmetta C., a healthcare company

Every time I interact with ExecuTeam, I am presented with quality and professionalism. They go above and beyond, making the staffing experience seamless.

Robert O., public health

We recently started using ExecuTeam to hire temporary personnel for our different programs. We are very pleased with ExecuTeam’s professionalism, quality of candidates, and the fast response they provide to us when we need them.

Laiwah R., government services organization

ExecuTeam have always provided effective and efficient services to our organization.

Laura N., a public sector cooperative

I just wanted to express my appreciation to the ExecuTeam Staff for helping me find the perfect full time Accountant position. It has been a wonderful experience working with everyone. I have worked with a few agencies and ExecuTeam is the best hands down. I will recommend any qualified candidate to your agency. Words cannot express how thankful I am.

Felicia O.

ExecuTeam is very consistent in finding out the candidate’s needs compared to other agencies. I am thankful to have the chance to work for awesome companies through ExecuTeam and make connections that will last a lifetime. Every assignment with ExecuTeam provides me with opportunities for success and they place me at companies that I am proud to put on my resume. I hear managers speak highly of whom ExecuTeam usually sends to get the job done…most get hired on full time. ExecuTeam sends only the best.

Ksharna K.

From that very first interview to this moment in time, you all have been so supportive and committed to providing me the best opportunities possible. I can never fully express in words or gesture how much you all mean to me. Please know that I will be your walking testimonial and success story. I will send every one that I know your way. You will never be able to get rid of me!

Rachel J.

I am so grateful to have worked assignments with ExecuTeam. Your professionalism far exceeded my expectations. If it wasn’t for you, I would not had the opportunity to be hired on with such a great oil and gas company. I highly recommend you to others looking for a job. Thank you so very much.

Tisha T.

I applaud you and your company. It is indeed a pleasure to work with an organization that possesses all the characteristics of a professional firm while showing the warmth and personal contact necessary to offer the quality of direct hire candidates and the temporary employees you represent.

My association with your firm has been rewarding as well as pleasurable. I recommend, without question, your firm and services to any future clients.

Kathy, Financial Company

ExecuTeam Staffing is an established vendor of 20+ years with our company. I have personally worked with them for over 13 years.

ExecuTeam Staffing provides direct hire, temp-to-hire and temporary staff in the areas of Administrative, Accounting, and Customer Service. Their service is very responsive and accommodating, their candidates are highly qualified and appropriate for the job specifications requested, their billing is timely and ExecuTeam’s staff are available for any questions or special requests whenever needed.

I look forward to continuing our partnership and highly recommend their service to other companies.

Holly, Technology Firm

During the past 14 years, at two different firms, I have utilized the staffing services of ExecuTeam for our company’s temporary and full-time requirements for various levels of administrative needs including executive assistants, administrative assistants, and property management professionals.

ExecuTeam’s staff is always available and responsive to our needs. They follow-up on a regular basis to monitor their employees and to ensure our requirements are met to a high degree of satisfaction.

Due to their dependability and consistency in delivering a high level of qualified candidates, they have been a vendor for my staffing needs for many years. I highly recommend the services of ExecuTeam.

Susan, SPHR

ExecuTeam Staffing has been an excellent agency to work with side-by-side for all my staffing needs for many years. ExecuTeam is our partner with a staff that is extremely professional, friendly, proactive, and extremely knowledgeable in what they do. We appreciate the successful results we experience with employees that come from ExecuTeam Staffing.

Belinda G., A world leader company in distribution

It is with great pleasure that I recommend ExecuTeam Staffing as a prime staffing contractor. I have worked closely with Laura Bowen and her staff to fill various positions within our company.

ExecuTeam Staffing has done an outstanding job of meeting our needs, matching desired job skills requirements and assisting with transitioning temporary personnel to full-time employees when the opportunity presented itself to hire one of their temporary staff members. Each position with approached Ms. Bowen with had its own set of job skill requirements and many challenges. We have had nothing but success in their placement and we continue to use ExecuTeam Staffing in placing temporary staff and temp to hire staff.

Ms. Bowen and her staff are courteous and continue to demonstrate superior customer service.   Her commitment to our organization and follow through gives us peace of mind at knowing she will provide us with the right candidate for each situation that we present to her.

I strongly recommend Ms. Bowen and ExecuTeam Staffing as the agency to choose when you are looking for the next potential candidate (s) to join the City of Houston.

Michele W., Public Sector Client

Thank you, ExecuTeam, for placing me to the best job I’ve ever had. Shannon is an amazing person whose dedication goes beyond expectation. I interviewed at ExecuTeam on a Friday and I was hired the following Monday. They do actually strive to find you a job and make your assignment joyful and rewarding. Thank you again ExecuTeam. You guys rock! Best staffing company in Houston!

Glendis V.

ExecuTeam did a great job in temporarily placing me with a job and company that I love. Thank you, ExecuTeam!

Tania C.

I highly recommend ExecuTeam as the best staffing agency in Houston; recruiters Lina Faye and Lindsey are amazing . My phone interview with Lindsey made me excited to work with ExecuTeam, as I was confident that I was dealing with a knowledgeable professional who looks out for her clients as well as prospective candidates. She asked detailed questions and provided all of the information I needed for my face-to-face interview. When I met with her, she was professional, courteous and interested in every detail I could provide about my skills and background. She then introduced me to Lina Faye, who was inquisitive, professional and welcoming. I knew I had great partners in both recruiters, just as their clients do. The following week, I started in a new position – one that can best be described as my dream job, I am beyond thankful to Lindsey, Lina Faye and ExecuTeam.

Jennifer K.

If you’re looking for an exceptional agency that cares about where you’re going when it comes to job placement, ExecuTeam is the best. I interviewed with them and within a week, they found a great company and assignment for me.

Nilda G.

By far the best agency I have worked with. When compared to other agencies, ExecuTeam out performs. I have had the privilege of working with Lindsey. She is a wonderful person who truly wants you to find a career that you will be happy and successful with. They pride themselves on finding the job that fits you. They take the time to know what it is you are looking for and do their best at matching you with that career. If you are serious about your job search, look no further. You will not be disappointed.

Jennifer P.