How to Navigate Your Office Holiday Celebrations

There are many different types of office holiday celebrations from fancy dinners to casual gatherings. The one factor that you, the attendee, can control is, well, you. Your demeanor as this type of event can affect your career. A good rule of thumb is everything in moderation. Here are some tips to avoid some possible […]

When Do I Get a Job?: From Initial Interview to an Assignment

In September, we visited the process from application to interview in our blog here. After you have completed your interview with one of our recruiters, the time period until you start an assignment can vary. It all depends on our clients and their needs. Below are the basic steps that have to happen between your […]

Tips To Manage Your Staff’s Stress

While our recruiters here at ExecuTeam see a number of candidates who excel at handling stressful situations, our recruiters also come in contact with candidates who are seeking new opportunities in less stressful work environments. Recognizing the level of stress in your office environment and lower that stress can lead to higher staff retention and […]

National Preparedness Month: What’s Your Plan for Your Staff?

Is your staff prepared for a disaster to strike your area? Recently, south Louisiana was devastated by a no-name storm and the kind of historic flooding that had not occurred in 500 years. There was no warning as the skies opened up and dumped, in some areas, over two feet of rain. Now, homes that […]

How Much Detail Should You Go Into on a Resume?

As we proceed in our careers, we frequently update our resumes without thinking too much about the older content we’re pushing out of the way to make room for the new. However, just as with any first impression, too much detail on a resume can be overwhelming to a hiring manager who is trying to […]