Identifying Burnout and How It Affects Your Job Performance and Your Health

Besides affecting your health and your passion for your job, burnout at work can potentially make you a hazard to your coworkers and others. What is burnout? Forbes defines burnout as “physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.”[1] How can you identify burnout? Forbes released a list of early signs of burnout which […]

Digital Safety: Passwords Are a Pain!

Password joke: It’s a familiar joke, and it comes it all types of variations. Your password must have an uppercase letter, punctuation, a number, a special character and a haiku. You finally figure out the perfect password, and it turns out, you have already used that one before. Then, before you know it, anxiety sets […]

Keeping Your Resume Current

Freshening up your resume is always a good idea no matter what your current job situation is. Whether you are sending your resume out regularly, you just landed a temporary position, or you are comfortably situated in your current long term position, keeping your resume up to date is critical. By keeping your resume current, […]

ExecuTeam Staffing Wins Inavero’s 2017 Best Of Staffing® Client And Talent Awards

For a second year in a row, ExecuTeam Staffing has won Inavero’s Best of Staffing® Client Award. Additionally, ExecuTeam Staffing participated in, for the first time, and won Inavero’s Best of Staffing Talent Award. These awards indicate that our clients and employees are positive our team provides them with superior service. Inavero’s awards are presented […]

Cupid’s Arrows: Office Romances and Other Valentine’s Day Tips

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and while you may be hoping to be shot with Cupid’s arrow, the office probably isn’t the best place. As the video from Buzzfeed demonstrates, office romances can be tricky… and lead to a decline in focus and productivity. Romance in the workplace can make not only those […]

Finding Your Zen: Freeing Your Creativity at Work

Here in this , we discussed Simon Sinek’s take on Millennials and some ways to engage Millennials in the office. One of the points, Sinek made was to prohibit cellphones in the conference room in order to allow “innocuous moments” to happen and foster work relationships between coworkers.  However, this doesn’t just apply to the […]