Navigate Child Safety and Your Vehicle This Summer

Last week, we discussed how your summer schedule can negatively impact your driving habits, and we suggested a few tips to keep in mind. However, your personal schedule change is not the only one affected. The majority of children and adolescents across the country are out of school and enjoying the season. Whether it be […]

Should I Stay or Should I Go? – Hurricane Season Preparedness

Last week, Tropical Storm Cindy reminded all of the Gulf Coast that Hurricane Season has begun! Houston made it through the storm with only some rain, a few clouds, and a windy day. However, it was a good notice that we should all be aware and prepared during this time. According to The Weather Channel, […]

National Preparedness Month: What’s Your Plan for Your Staff?

Is your staff prepared for a disaster to strike your area? Recently, south Louisiana was devastated by a no-name storm and the kind of historic flooding that had not occurred in 500 years. There was no warning as the skies opened up and dumped, in some areas, over two feet of rain. Now, homes that […]