Accounting or Finance Job Interview? 8 Tips for Success

Have an accounting or finance job interview coming up? Looking for ways to make a great impression? Chances are the hiring manager is speaking to several candidates who have the same skills and experience as you do. How can you set yourself apart? Here are eight tips to increase your chance of success: Put on […]

Team Strife? Four Essential Strategies for Managing Through It

Conflict on teams is inevitable.  The question is not how to prevent it – it’s how to manage through it.  When the team hits an impasse, the best managers employ these four essential strategies for leading their team out of the wilderness and back to a productive relationship: Start neutral. When you intervene in an […]

“Thanks, But No Thanks.” 7 Pieces of Job Search Advice You Should Ignore

When you’re looking for a job, it’s tempting to ask for help and advice everywhere you can – and even more tempting to take that advice once it’s offered.  When the advice is outdated or not well considered, however, it can end up hurting your job search. Here are seven common pieces of job search […]

Is a Candidate Being Truthful? 5 Tips to Help You Tell

You’ve found a candidate who looks great on paper and sailed through the interview with charm and all the right answers; however, you’re asking yourself whether things are too good to be true.  Are you sure this candidate is telling the truth?  Here are five ways to find out. Compare the candidate’s resume with the […]

National Safety Month: Staying Safe Behind the Wheel

For the most part, we’re a car-driven nation. So much of our daily routine involves transportation of some sort, but these days, we pay less and less attention to the road and shift our focus to other distractions. Some of the most dangerous behind-the-wheel behaviors include texting, drowsy driving, driving under the influence, distracted driving […]

Knowing the Signs: Heat-Related Illnesses at Work

Summer brings a lot of fun: picnics, vacations, outdoor activities and sports. However, with it comes an increase in temperatures and heat-related illnesses, even while at work. It is important to know the symptoms of these illnesses to keep your co-workers and employees safe.  It many cases, prompt attention is necessary to keep an incident […]