Finding the best people with the cultural “fit” to thrive in your organization improves retention, boosts productivity, and creates a workplace that motivates everyone present to offer their best work. But how do you find these people – or attract them to apply to open positions within your company?

The process for attracting top talent is not “one size fits all.” Instead, it calls upon each organization to leverage its own strengths in order to draw in the people that will help it the most:

  1. Know who you’re looking for. Top candidates know their skills, their strengths, and their shortcomings – and they know when a company understands what kind of people it needs to thrive. Stand out to top candidates who have the right abilities by first focusing specifically on what skills are needed for the job, how success will be measured, which common attributes your current top performers share, and how hiring to fill this position will move the company closer to its goals. Use this information to craft a job description that targets the ideal candidate. Your recruiter can help.
  2. Share your company’s employment brand with pride. Top performers know their skills are welcome in any company in the industry. What they seek is a place in which their work and communication styles fit well and where they will have the support they need to continue to thrive. This means that many top candidates are actively evaluating companies’ employment brands and internal cultures – and that companies who make these qualities clear in their outreach efforts are likely to grab top talent’s attention. Don’t hesitate to leverage your staffing partner’s knowledge of your industry in order to help you create and broadcast a distinctive, compelling employment brand.
  3. Keep the process moving. A slow recruitment process is one of the easiest ways to lose the attention of top talent. When the process is slow or communication is lacking, top candidates may conclude that the company doesn’t have clear goals or consistent timelines. They may even accept an offer from a more prompt and communicative competitor.

The experienced Houston-based recruiters at ExecuTeam Staffing can help you find and attract top talent more efficiently, so your team can make better hiring decisions. Contact us today to learn more.

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