As an accounting or finance professional, you take your career seriously. It’s critical to your future that you partner with a recruiting firm that does as well. Consider these factors when selecting the firm that will assist you in your search.

Are they true experts?

Does the firm truly understand accounting and finance? Do they have specialized recruiters dedicated to your field? Choose a firm with recruiters who speak your language and work at your professional level. It’s important that the professionals you work with understand the distinctions that can make a position the perfect fit for you or a role that you would never consider.

Do they understand the local market?

Large national firms have a big presence. It’s easy to get swept away by their apparent reach. But do they really get it? A competitive salary in Houston is not the same as one in Los Angeles or Des Moines. The specifics of the job may not be either. Local firms know who is hiring, what companies are the best to work for and have relationships with decision makers. You want to work with recruiters who can chat with hiring managers at a t-ball game, not just reach out to a stranger through a LinkedIn profile.

What is their standing in the community?

Look for reviews. Check out social media. Ask your peers. Ask the recruiter for references and call them. It’s gotten tougher these days to conceal inferior service, but you must do your due diligence to ensure you choose an accounting and finance recruiter worthy of your trust.

What services do they offer?

Do you need a firm that can tighten up your resume or prepare you for interviews? Are you comfortable negotiating your own salary or would you prefer third party assistance? Recruiters vary in the level of engagement they provide. Select the one which best matches your needs. Look for a recruiter who works with companies in a variety of fields; this wide industry expertise will present you with more opportunities and positions that you might be a good fit for.

Are they experienced?

Check that the firm has been in business for a few years. Ask about the background of the specific recruiter you will be working with. It won’t matter that the company has recruited in the A&F space for thirty years if they assign you to a recruiter who is a newbie. Look for quantifiable metrics. How many people do they place in positions similar to yours? Were the placements with solid companies you would be interested in working for?

What is their process like?

Does the recruiter ask you plenty of questions and really dig into your experience? You may feel as though you are being interrogated, but top recruiters are committed to making the best match. That means understanding you, the client company and the position offered. Recruiters don’t last long in this competitive industry if they earn a reputation for throwing tons of “kind of close” candidates at every position.

If you are looking for an accounting and finance recruiter who meets all of these standards and more, consider the experts at ExecuTeam Staffing. Since 1987, we have helped professionals like you make the most of their careers. Contact us today to get started.

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